Insights for our Isle of Dogs social campaign

We recently worked on a digital campaign for Wes Anderson’s latest film, Isle of Dogs. Today we’re looking at Daily Scraps, an interactive social experience, which allowed fans to compete for props from the movie. At specific times throughout the week, users were able to open trash bags in hopes of winning a treat before all the bags ran out.

Our goal was to create 3D trash bags that featured smooth interactivity while staying true to the film’s look and feel. Because of this, WebGL felt like the right choice for the project.

Let’s see how it was done!

Some tips that blew my mind and enhanced my animation code.

Default Ease

I use eases a lot. Expo, Cubic, Linear, Elastic, Back... But except in specific cases, I usually use the same ease on every tween, which become kind of boring to write each time. Here comes defaultEase:

TweenLite.defaultEase = Expo.easeOut;

Enjoy the saved keystrokes! Now each tween will use Expo.easeOut as the default ease. It also easier to maintain!

Handling timers

If you need a more robust (cross-browser), enhanced timer, use the delayedCall feature. It’s basically a null tween with an onComplete callback. But it benefits from all the TweenLite/TweenMax methods:


Florian Morel

🇫🇷 interactive developer, @gobelins_paris alumni.

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