How science fiction supported me designing new interactions and services.

Luana Moura
Sep 21, 2017 · 9 min read

Once upon a time…

Every design starts with fiction

Pinturas de Chesley Knight Bonestell, Jr.

Sci-fi explores the full breadth of human knowledge.

“The story of science fiction is the history of humanity’s changing attitudes toward space and time … the history of our growing understanding of the universe and the position of our species in that universe.”

critics Robert Scholes and Erik S. Rabkin

Design & Sci-fi are like classmates

Interfaces gestuais / Star Wars

Understanding influences and correlations

1 ) Sci-fi is inspired by the current paradigm

Metropolis — 1927
Buck Rogers — 1939

2) It is also inspired by individual experiences

X-men — 2010

3 ) Sci-fi sets new expectations

Motorola StarTAC

Why does the Motorola StarTAC phone look like a ‘Star Trek’ communicator?
The answer is because the engineers who built wanted their own communicators, and this was the chance to get one! “

4 ) Generates discussions and enables new social contexts

Star treck original series — 1968
Her — 2013

Enough theory, how do I put this in practice?

References and further reading:

Luana Moura

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Futurist, Geek, Sci-fi lover, Feminist and Senior Product Designer at Zalando Berlin

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