Youth today

In Today’s world everyone has lot of freedom, internet, TV channels are all delivering best and worst to all age group even to younger ones. The social structure, family norms are changed. Many rules are broken and youth today is left to find their own way.

Excessive information to youth may be harmful at younger stage and thus a wise guidance is required. A real mentor who understand moral values, transform knowledge into wisdom, some one who can develop inner strength so that young generation get ready for the life.

Indian culture has this support system already. But now there is greater need to prepare our generations to cop up with the latest evils in society. I found youth alone and spending more time on gadgets and social media. They created there own virtual world. We need to make there life more meaningful. Just earning Degrees and getting a job is not the only thing that life has to offer. Youth needs to keep their passion, listen to heart more than head.Get courage to laugh at failures and take the risks again.

Broken relationships, suicides just because of failure in an subject is reflecting our youth’s emotional capabilities to handle life circumstances. Youth needs to understand between right and wrong.

It is the today’s call to develop ourselves internally and make our youth prepared for the world…

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