Move Fast and Break Things

How tech and politics moves forward after Philando Castile can reinforce what’s in place or change everything.

F8 conference

What does it mean when we


and even that isn’t enough.

How much more of a spectacle do we need to be to stop it? 
Tell us so we know next time.

What does it mean when we


and Facebook’s founding mantra was “Move Fast and Break Things”?

Of course Facebook is talking about moving fast and breaking code,
but the figurative parallels in the language are so rich.

America moved fast and it broke so much.
Our country rapid prototyped and beta tested it’s way to world power.
And it broke moral code at every iteration.

Tech moves fast, for a reason.
Politics moves slow, for a reason.

But we must find a middle ground.
Because I’m not telling you my life matters anymore.
Because people of color are living in fear for varieties of reasons far too vast.

F8 conference

Today, Facebook’s updated mantra is “Move Fast with Stable Infrastructure”.
Today, we see Republicans trying to move fast and Democrats questioning their infrastructure.
We see the foundations of democracy and justice crumbling before our eyes.
We see the supporting beams of America being compromised every time we turn on the TV at 5pm.

All of this begs more questions.

Moving forward…
Can speed and ethics coexist?
How do we introduce moral checks and balances in tech?
Is it safe to test innovative experiments within politics?

Moving forward….
What are our codes?
Who is doing the moving?
Who is doing the breaking?
Who is breaking? 
Who is broken?

The nexus of this tragic moment,

exposes the power of tech to assign visual evidence to abhorrent human failings, supported by our government
exposes how the history of slavery is still dictating who we’re afraid of and who we can get away with killing
exposes the strength and fragility of black women and children and how unprotected our existence is

in a frame.

Abstract yet concise. It is a motion picture capturing all the things we must reconcile before we can successfully address the future. 
Our tech tools can be built to use innovative strategies to dismantle oppression, through it’s sheer ability to change everything.
Or these tech tools can be seamlessly collaged, woven into the very fabric of oppression.

On June 21st a video (CNN’s version) was released of Philando Castile’s family in the back of the police car, after his murder.

“I wish this town was safer” said 4 year old Dae’Anna.
“I can’t believe they just did that” said Diamond Reynolds.
“No, please don’t, I don’t want you to get shooted.” said 4 year old Dae’Anna
“I don’t want it to be like this anymore.” said 4 year old Dae’Anna.
“I can keep you safe.” said 4 year old Dae’Anna.
“I’m scared.” said 4 year old Dae’Anna.
“It’s okay, I got it…okay.” said Diamond Reynolds.

The tragedies are remaining the same while the tech changes every hour.