Experience earned , but robbed of Bliss

This is NOT a story,which may/may NOT match with any events in reality.But the author is not responsible for any such unintended “co-incidences”, because that is not intentional.

[This is my first writing,so I would wish to receive all opinions and criticism, and that would be the same for all time. Nabendu Porey ,thanks for encouraging!!]

Hence ,one may choose Not to read all that follows, but I guess you may find it similar to some of your own experiences…so sail on ,if you wish to..>>

It all started when emotion takes over reality,when compassion forces a person to get closer and apply some balm to the wounds received by another..That’s humanity,friend!..

You come in to their lives ,take stock of the situation which the other one finds too hot to handle and start to make her feel special[or maybe him,as per your choice]..and then??

Then the illusion unfolds,you spend more time,be with the other one,help them out with all that you can,counsel..and sometime you find that somewhere things are no longer so simple…One may start to see some warmth,some closeness,some instinctive longing..a stinging sensation,..in other words,the illusion “kicks” out common sense,…

YOU ARE IN AN ILLUSION OF LOVE…?[wish it was real??But It never was?]

For the ones who get a clear answer to the question,life becomes clearly simpler or tougher..or maybe both.But the clarity persists.In the case of some people,that doesn’t happen.

Then,after being thwarted in multiple attempts,you get to “Feel” that something isn’t in rhythm..

Somewhere you know,that each time the heat just starts to get notched up,the other person turns it down..flushed it out and you got kicked back.Its just a cycle,of on-offs..and it goes on..

Finally,you decide to end it.And thus you did.You wish that the other one just told a NO or enforced some sort of limit of closeness,so as to dash hopes..But that just didn’t happen..

Or after waiting for some time,and getting feeble-mild sudden responses of the previous promises ,you get a hang of the past kicking in and you remember that soon around the corner ,the “Off-phase” will be there very soon.And so,the lamp just burnt with greater flame before it ran out of the oil of love and got extinguished to an oblivion,full of sighs ,tears,and vacuum inside.

Turns out ,later on..that the other one might just had needed a sensible companion,…who would make them feel special,things like that would require a lot more time,thus to justify that expense…they would let you to be a lot more closer..they need you to spend quality time..a lot of that!And by no means can you now equate the time spent for “just-as-a-friend”?YOU saw that flare burn her eyes,that touch meant shivering,that has no existence or justification any longer…

But now on standing on the face or reality, whenever you,the truthful tragic[or comic] hero[villain to some],who’s always right[…and who wasn’t??Nobody!!..]..you are forced to leave?

You will,possibly, because You know,that there’s no hope.No future.It ends with a sour taste.

And you’ve met your Maud Gonne[who’s already gone]. Now its up to you to be a poet , a fighter or a bit of both… Grief is replaced by apathy,nonchalance and total disregard.

Then let Strength and Hope walk through the door…if you wanna Live like a brave soul,with the chin up!Make your choice, make sure you are swift,’surgical’ and with full blooming confidence.

As they say,Karma decides everything.Never be afraid,because you are sure,that you were always right and truthful.So just be yourself.And if you were wrong,make sure you learn from it. So??

So don’t worry.

No questions asked,no answers needed!

Its already known.

That’s life,it just goes on,just move on>>>……

The brave,the lonely,the hungry,the strong,the truthful-might just reach a tad earlier, because they may achieve in their quest quicker ,while realizing the difference between WANTS and NEEDS ,a lot faster!!!


Author’s note:It doesn’t even reflect his absolute opinion.And all opinions are welcome.But it does reflect the hefty experience earned ,by many souls,including himself.Peace!