Fred Jordan Mission-Serving the Underserved

On a day-to-day basis we might take the simplest items like the shoes on our feet for granted. It’s easy during our busy lives to forget to appreciate the little things like having a place to sleep, meals or warm water for showers. The Fred Jordan Mission definitely opened my eyes to the many families that were living in poverty in downtown Los Angeles. There are many documentaries and ongoing discussions about Skid Row, which is a specfic region where the poor live in DTLA. I learned what it truly means to serve the underserved during the Fred Jordan Mission.

During the event we got to walk through and guide kids to receive their free items like new pairs of shoes, hygiene products, backpacks, etc. It was both a humbling and impactful experience for me as the kids really put in perspective for me just how difficult their lives were. A large group of kids varying from ages 4 to 15 year olds had informed me that they had been waiting in line since 2 AM in the morning, almost like waiting in line for your favorite movie’s big premiere, except not at all really. They were exhausted and just wanted their free items so they could finally rest after a full day of waiting in the intense sun and being on their feet. I wanted to help the kids as much as I could, in any way to make their day a little bit better. Things that were so simple like walking back to get candy for my kids that didn’t have any in their backpacks or working with the Footlocker staff so that the kids were happy with their shoes made a difference for the kids. To serve those in need and to show kindness, caring and empathy is something I will always remember as I look back on that day in DTLA, Skid Row.