Being an Indian I love all the languages..coz my country taught me to enjoy diversity in every may be language,culture, climate and what not....But at the same time Mother tongue is sooo dear to us..Today being observed as "International Mother Language Day"..I wish to talk about a great #poet from my language #BammeraPothana..In the days where poets used thier works for pleasing kings,in order get the good will and income.. He's someone who never dedicated any of his works to any King other the Great King himself #LordRam .His poems are immortal,we still recite them..with out even realising it's a Pothana's Gem..

పలికెడిది భాగవతమట..పాలికించెడివాడు ..
నే పలికిన భవహరామగునట...

Meaning - I'm telling bhagavatam(Story of Lord Krishna)..the man making me say is lord Rama himself..

ఇందుగలడు అందులేడని
 సందేహము వలదు..చక్రి సర్వోపగతుం..
డెందెందు వెదకి చూచిన 
నందందే కలడు దానవాగ్రణి వింటే

This poem is from #Bhaagavatam by Bammera #Potana. When Hiranyakasyapa asks Prahlada where Vishnu is, Prahlada responds by saying, " O great Daanava! You do not need to doubt where Vishnu is. He is everywhere. Where ever you look for him, you can find him."

సీరికిం జెప్పడు శంకు చక్ర యుగమం చేదోయి సంధింప డే
పరివారంబున జీర డబ్రగపతిన్ మన్నింపడా...

This poem describes how lord Vishnu rushed to the aid of Gajendra. This poem is from #GajendraMoksham in #Bhagavatam by #Potana.

Vishnu, in his eagerness to save the life of Gaja, does not tell his wife(siri), does not take his sankham and chakram, does not call any of his servents, does not listen to garuda, does not leave the saree of lakshmi that is in his hands

Our language is blessed with many such great poets.. without these souls and thier great works our language wouldn't have been sooo sweet..even Foreigners fell in love with.."#Italian #of #the #East" - #Telugu #Language

The greatest king Krishna devaraya went on record telling "దేశ భాషలందు తెలుగు లెస్స"...

Ps: haven't completed poems..just added 2 lines

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