Hidden Marvel Of Tamilnadu

Sri Gokarneswarar Brahadambal Temple, Thirukokarnam, Pudukottai

  1. This beautiful Pallava period(7 AD - 10 AD)rock cut temple is just 5 Kms away from Pudukkotai,Tamilnadu State. Pudukkottai boasting its grand past tracing it’s root from classic sangam period to 17–18th century Thondaiman Kings of Pudukkottai (The present structure of temple was built by them).The contributions of various rulers like Pallavas,Pandyas,Nayakas are evident through many inscriptions available in temple.Locally Brahadambal temple is also called Arakasu Amman,Who was guardian deity of Pudukkottai Tondaiman rulers .
long corridor of the temple
intricate carvings in the Temple

The presiding deity of temple is Arulmighu Brahadambal sametha Gokarnewarar(Lord Shiva).. There are many interesting legends are associated with the Temple,The sthala Purana goes like….Once Kamadhenu( Surabhi is a divine bovine-goddess described as the mother of all cows) arrived late to Indra Sabha.Indra, in his anger,cursed the Kamadhenu to lead a life of normal cow till she makes papa pariharam(clearing her sins).Kamadhenu visits Sage Kapila and explains her situation,Sage Kapila advices Kamadhenu to worship Lord shiva under Vakula tree( Mimusops elengi) and perform abhishekam with Ganges water daily. Kamadhenu followed Sage instructions with complete devotion.As Kamadhenu used to bring Ganges water through her ear..The place became popular as Gokarneswar(lord worshipped through the ear of cow).One day while Kamadhenu is on the way for abhishekam,a tiger attacked her,She pleaded the tiger to leave her as she needs to complete her puja. Tiger allowed to perform puja only after kamadhenu promised to come back.As per her word,Kamadhenu returned to tiger after completing her abhishekam. The tiger is none other than Lord Shiva himself,pleased by her sincere devotion,Lord blessed her with Salvation.

Beautiful View of colorful Gopurams
Beautiful Stone Pillars adding grace to the passage
Tamil Inscriptions In temple
Beautiful Example of Architecture

Kings of Pudukkottai,who revered Brahadambal Amman as Guardian Deity,Minted coins with her image on one side of coin(Hence,she is also called as Arakasu Amman).It is believed people who pray Arakasu Amman,loose something important finds it immediately (As once king lost his valuable document,he prayed to Arakasu Amman he was able to find the document again).

Brahadambal Temple Gopurams
it is told the gorge was made by kamadhenu..to store water of Ganges
Lord Shiva in Urdhva Tandava Posture

Apart from Mythological and Spiritual importance..the Temple is bliss for history buffs and architecture lovers.The Temple stands as great evidence for Heritage of Ancient India,Wide spread in huge area,Beautified by colorful gopurams..Many old Inscriptions,Majestic Shiva linga. Beautiful Cave Temple,Confluence of Architecture by pallava,Pandya,Chola,Nayaka is very clearly visible in the Temple.If you are heritage lover,If u miss old temples in India..u missed everything..

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