I like Kangaroos. Never seen one tho. What?

Imagine twenty CRO experts in the room, consequently shown ten A/B experiments you performed and asked whether A or B had ‘won’. Chances are that only one out of twenty would have done a good job at it. I actually witnessed such an event.

Having people — all acclaimed experts — say it’s a great restyle of your website is no guarantee for having a successful site. Sure it is stylish, totally ‘2016’ again. But it is based on assumptions. Based on conventions that might work for one audience, but not for all.

Start validating

Companies often veer into the circle of…

Recently I received some questions regarding this tweet:


If you are not familiar with RankBrain, I strongly recommend you to read this in-depth article. Too lazy to read? It’s a machine learning technology by Google to find logic/common patterns between content and keywords. Its goal is improving relevancy of the search results. Hence, it is influencing ranks.

Why is unique content overrated?

Let’s say, you wish to rank on ‘Hotels New York’. RankBrain — as if it is a human — knows you should cover at least (sub)topics such as Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx & Staten Island. Why? RankBrain knows that the high…

Ayco van der Meer

Ayco van der Meer is senior online marketer. Focus on Growth, Data, UX & Innovation. Hate social. Y hello thar.

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