Motivation and Action: Which comes first?

Should I add up enough motivation to get up and finish the job, or my motivation increase after I start and show some progress in the task?

-Spoiler Alert-

According to Professor Burns, the answer is clear: Get into action to have motivation.

-Spoiler Alert-

So many people mistakenly believe that they should have the motivation first in order to get into action. However, most of the time the jobs are long and complex, composed of many many different tasks especially when you look from a distance. However, if you force yourself to start from somewhere (for example, from planning), even with .001% of your will, you can start to see things clearer. Moving on feels easier. You can enjoy when you see your self accomplishing. Basically it goes like this:

First: Action> Second:Motivation >Third: More Action

E.g. The ones who like to move it

Next time, when you are not sure where to start, just start. Don’t waste you precious time on sitting and waiting.

Take a deep look at: Burns, D. The Feeling Good Handbook, 1999

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