Stay rational and try not to be stupid.

The little bird and her social psychologist sister

“What is loss aversion?”, asks little bird to his older sister.

“Loss aversion”, older bird replies, “is when you get upset after you loose something.”

“Well, isn’t is a little bit redundant concept? Who likes to loose?” confused little bird asks again.

“You are right my darling, most of us likes to win most of the times. But sometimes our stupid stupid brain likes to exaggerate what we loose.”

They laugh and flap their wings.

The end.

If it it is easier to say than done, an alternative perspective change is proposed by Dan Ariely. He advice for a reader who suffers a deep loss after a change in Netflix movie database. Try to think of it as a museum, he says. In museums, we don’t feel like we own the art, thus we don’t get upset when the exhibition change.

Take a look at: Irrationally Yours: on missing socks, pickup lines, and other existential puzzles, Dan Ariely.