Druggies Project Proposal

Ayda Niknejad
Feb 1, 2017 · 3 min read
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OUR VISION: Our client is Brent Credille, an assistant professor at the University of Georgia that focuses on beef production medicine. We have envisioned developing an app for him that helps all veterinarians identify antibiotics based on factors such as withdrawal time to effectively treat large animals.

TECHNOLOGY: We plan to use Swift and the Xcode platform to build our application for iOS devices. Users of our app will be able to view information about the best drug to use on their patient by selecting the animal type and affected body system. They can sort the medications by factors such as withdrawal time, suggested dosages, and overall effectiveness.


Background information: We found that AMDUCA (American Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act) allows veterinarians to prescribe extra-label uses of approved animal and human drugs when the health of an animal is threatened and FARAD (Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank) gives recommendations on safe withdrawal intervals of drugs and chemicals in food-producing animals.

Coding: We researched ways iOS applications have helped medical staff in the past. The most relevant app we found is Johns Hopkins ABX Guide, a comprehensive reference app that organizes drugs by disease, lists dosages and side effects, and breaks down costs. We also found the Sanford Guide to be helpful to get a better understanding of the direction our app should move.

Content writing: We found the best ways to communicate is online and on social media. NYC shared an article on writing for the web that summarizes and simplifies the how to’s. It covers tone, simplicity/readability, and SEO. We found an infographic that condenses writing for social media. For example, the writer suggests to aim for Twitter posts of 71–100 characters, Facebook posts of 40 characters, and LinkedIn posts of 25 words.

Design: We researched brand identity and learned what makes a successful brand. We specifically looked at apps that have similar concepts to our to better understand what worked and what we will need to change. We will focus on the animal first and the drugs second. We will achieve this through a clean and straightforward user experience.


February 2-February 21: Prototype phase: We will create a wireframe for our app and create a website draft. We also hope to receive all the data from our client Brent during this time.

February 22-March 30: Beta phase: During this phase, we’re going to create the app with the Xcode platform and submit the app in the iOS store. We are also going to launch the promotional website to explain the functions of the app

April 1-April 15: Promotional phase: We want everyone to know about the benefits of this app so during this phase, we’re going to create blog posts, promote the website, and market the app

April 16-April 25: SLAM phase: Drill out final details, practice our presentation, and get ready for SLAM!


  1. To effectively translate our client’s expectations into the app
  2. Meet the deadlines for each assignment throughout the semester
  3. Create a user-friendly app with an appealing design
  4. Get the app into the iOS store


Due to Dr. Credille’s busy schedule, we anticipate that our greatest challenge will be receiving and compiling the data in time to incorporate it all into the app. We will work to maintain open lines of communication with Dr. Credille in order to overcome this issue.


left to right: Ayda Niknejad, Piper Ruhmkorff, Caroline Heys, Molly Orr

This is going to be an awesome semester and we’re super stoked to work on this app!

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