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Product Designer

Redesigning the Pinql Web & App: a simplified all-in-one Real Estate management for both Landlords and Tenants. Based in France.

Main 5 challenges for tenants;

Main 5 challenges for landlords;

In 2018, If I’m not mistaken, the font Circular have been the most popular font for web design or app etc.. I came across with a looot of product/website that uses the Circular font and to be honest I am bored of seeing it. I’m not saying its bad, Its a fu*king great font buuut there are other good ones out there, SO, Embrace the change!

Here we go;

This is FF MARK

This is AVERTA

Lately, we all have a similar issue which is keeping up yourself organized for less tiring work life. If you are working on wide range of projects at the same time; Here are the apps you got to use to save yourself from a mess!

#5. Toggl

Toggl’s time tracker is built for speed and ease of use. Toggl lets you discover what’s taking up your time and in the you will be realizing how long to you spend for a specific job or project.

Especially if you are a freelancer and working on a project by hourly price, this app will…

Ayda Oz

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