Open innovation in Digital Journalism / week-8

According to the article, Media and Journalism refresh themselves day by day with “Digital World”. They mentioned about changing world, technology and the usage of all resources. After all these, media and journalism have to recover that their technological tools, content, articles and news sources. While the transforming media tools and sources that they need to be cool about APIs to help the R&D challenges of news industry.

As they stressed in article, Open innovation involves three core processes, or ideal types: outside-in, inside-out and a coupled process. In the outside-in model that corporations gathering feedbacks and ideas from their customers and audiences. With all that they become less adhere on their internal. Type of inside-out the central idea behind open innovation is that, in a world of widely distributed knowledge, companies cannot afford to rely entirely on their own research, but should instead buy or license processes or inventions (i.e. patents) from other companies. In addition, internal inventions not being used in a firm’s business should be taken outside the company. The third type in the open innovation types is coupled process. Coupled is different from inbound and outbound. Two modes of coupled interaction that first;bi-directional (combines inbound&outbound, applies firm to firm R&D collaborations), second; interactive collaboration (joint production outside the firm, different from either inside-out or outside-in).

We have to think about reinvent the journalism; there are new opportunities about it. As a way to reach the public, all we had was the press for many years. We couldn’t be an entrepreneur journalist before, because we had to have a lot of money to buy the office, the truck and everything. Now, thanks to the platforms online we can start a journalistic business with almost nothing.

The essence of the word, creating a newspaper that differentiates it from star in the digital world, will accelerate the adaptation to the digital world can combine with alternative income to ensure the continuity of the ad revenue traditional news production. Since formal side of the business is also a sentimental based on user habits, there is a transition to the digital world as well.

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