Politics without meaningful targets is aspirational at best, dishonest at worst.
Stuart Crowther

Totally agree about goal setting, Stuart!

However this was the great lie of the brexit campaign — the UK has always had the ability to put the breaks on intra-EU immigration (and Cameron came back from Brussels with even further mechanisms for such emergency breaks), however successive governments never enacted them because they knew the facts — that business needed the immigration and without it GDP growth would slow and eventually retreat.

The reality is that the Tories foolishly set a random target based on fear of UKIP, and have since been unable to articulate what the UK really needs as the numbers would seem “scary” to Daily Mail readers based on racist precepts, rather than what is required for the UK to succeed. The number of people who simply arrive at the UK’s door is close to nothing as no-one wants to take the risks of migration (social, economic, family ties etc) without knowing there will be work and income waiting for you (remember, no benefits until after passing the habitual resident test, EU migrants cannot stay longer than 3 months without having paid employment or adequate resources to pay their own way, etc etc).

Again, those who fit the description laid out by UKIP et al are largely non-EU migrants, who have come to join existing family (hence the difference in fiscal contribution between EU and non-EU migrants).

The short version of this is that people were lied to, and the commentariat continue to ignore the facts — and the UK economy and people will suffer as a consequence. As with any slow car crash, it is heartbreaking to watch.

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