Everybody is talking about data, AI, ML. Yes, those are important. But we should start with a basic step. We should understand how we will collect data and use it.

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Data is Important

Each manager, director, and executive agree on the “Data is crucial” statement. But when you ask how you are managing data. Unfortunately, the answer seems unrealistic. They talked about cloud storage document management software, BIM, ERP, planning tools, etc. Ok, but where the data is, how you approach the data is, what the effect of data on the project is.

Data collection isn’t a linear process, it is chaotic and…

If you talk with construction professionals, you will hear about a lot of drastic problems in the sector. The construction team solves those problems with their experience. Moreover, all parties in the sector blame each other.

I am a construction technology enthusiast and CEO of Botmore which is a construction technology start-up. I have been working to find solutions to solve the daily problems of the sector.

Two weeks ago Botmore Technology started a poll about the pains of the construction sector.

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Results of Two Week Pole

You can see the results of our survey. As you see 48 construction professionals from all over the…

Today, I want to give some suggestions about BIM courses in Udemy. I don’t focus on Revit or any authoring tool. My recommendations will be about how you can manage the BIM process in a better way. Hence, I selected 3 courses which I liked much. (If you use the links I shared to register courses, I will be appreciated.)

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1- Building Information Modelling: Essentials of BIM level-2

This course is entry-level. …

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Construction Management in 2020

Engineers and architects try to manage construction projects. But this management process can be more complicated than you expected.

Without Vision, Just Struggle

First of all, project owners in the construction sector focus on decreasing initial investment. This makes life difficult for contractors to use new technologies and methodologies. If owners haven’t a vision about building lifecycle cost and sustainability, it is not logical to expect long-term solutions from contractors. Hence, the owners and binding contracts should be more long term sustainability-centric.

Of course, government strategy has vital importance for this change. From this point of view, the U.K. government approach seems promising to…

We have a solid vision of the transformation of the construction sector to increase productivity. With this vision, we worked on several solutions. We reached a conclusion. We are using the digital assistant experience to collect and share data with construction site teams.

Results of first tryouts.
Results of first tryouts.

Why Digital Assistant?

On the construction site, people don’t have time for data entry and reaching the data they need. So we decided to try the digital assistant experience. The first tryouts show that we can collect data from construction sites more effectively which is critical to use more sophisticated solutions like ML supported algorithms.

Top Articles on How Businesses are using Bots:

1. The…

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Today I will talk to you about BIM (Building Information Modelling) which is super popular in the construction sector. BIM is only a tool which you can use to digitize construction data with the 3D model.

The people are generally focusing on Modelling side of BIM. But the critical part of the concept is “Information”. Because of the wrong approach, modeling detail seems as a quality scale. But the more detailed model generally cause the more headache for the Facility Manager and Project manager.

Too much detail in BIM can be a bad idea.

I think you heard that data is the new oil. Companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon are good examples of data-centric companies. But you shouldn’t think that data is just important in online businesses. Data is disrupting all sectors.

Data vs Experience

I always think about modeling of experience. In the first years of my career, I was working in a construction company and senior engineers were making some estimations depends on their experience. Yes, these estimations were pretty good. When I analyzed it, it was basically about the data collected during years. For instance, in my master thesis, I tried…

If you talk to construction industry experts, they always say that the sector is chaotic and these chaotic conditions increase the role of individuals in the production. You can find a lot of hero on a construction site, they solve critical problems and make predictions based on their experience.

What about Technology?

There are a lot of technology solutions for the construction sector. But the right question is why the productivity in the sector is quite low. We should find the real problem.

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The productivity of the sector

Yes, there are problems in labor quality, temporary conditions, multidisciplinary coordination and so on but those aren’t…

We are developing ChatBots for different purposes. Our main problem is the functional approach to chatbots. We believe that ChatBot development is a strategic process.

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Functional vs Strategic ChatBot

Functional ChatBot

Functional ChatBot is a chatbot which answers a specific function. For example, a functional ChatBot can answer specific weather-related questions using different APIs. Yes, it provides an answer. But this is not sufficient to make people use chatbot.

Strategic ChatBot

Of course, strategic chatbot uses some functions. But functions are only tools, ChatBot should try to create an experience. If we turn back to weather ChatBot, it not only provides weather forecast info…

We have been working on ChatBot projects since 2016. We focused on enterprise digital assistants in areas such as Human Resources, Sales, After-Sales and Construction Sector. We used different tools and frameworks in chatbot development. At the end, we decided to develop a chatbot platform to create an effective chatbot management system not only for our customers but also for ourselves.

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What was the problem?

As I said we focus on our problems in chatbot development.

Problem 1 — It isn’t easy to use NLP tools and define your workflows and answers.

Problem 2— NLP tools are based on intent management. …

Aydın Fevzi Özçekiç

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