How is it that we spend $10 billion dollars fighting something that picks off 25% of us and 2 trillion, a whopping $125 billion dollars a year, on something that barely touches any of us? Oh and that doesn’t even count normal military spending.
Bitcoin is the Most Stable Store of Value in History
Daniel Jeffries

The cost of keeping those two dots tiny is 10B. I think this image should be used by those who fight with enemies and terrorists. Its a success story of them, not yours, a solid proof that the cost works.

Plus, 50% of other deaths are reasonable, because there is an end. The real numbers should be of those die really young because of heart diseases or kidney diseases. You cant save 120 years old patient forever, but he is included in that big dot. Not so fair.

Decreasing the military budget would help(!) in two ways, first the two tiny dots would grow faster, and all the others would go down related to their sizes in this graph. Because if a man dies at 25 year old while walking on the street by a terrorist attack, he certainly wont be in heart diseases dot forever. So even without spending any penny to other issues, by decreasing the military budget, you will help more people die from those two tiny dots, which means they wont die because of heart attack.

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