Love. Love is what I expected from you, not the basic meaning of love where it’s more physical & a bit mental.. I mean the one that’s all about our spirituality & soul strengthening type of love. I entrusted so much more as well. I guess that’s where it fucked up. I never believed you would do this to me. Out of everyone you were the one that was supposed to love me the most. I realize it was going to take a while to get the real soulful love from you & I accepted the wait, but I’m afraid it has become a little too late now. I don’t recognize you anymore. & as time passes by I am beginning to think that I never knew who you really were or what you have been trying to accomplish. You have been a child. You have been someone who does not deserve to reach their dreams or show off the little insignificant things that you have acquired in such a short amount of time.. No matter how much pity you try to drain out of your surrounding peers, it will always come down to what you are doing to maintain yourself unsatisfied and strive for it. And so far you have been able to create a beautiful noble path for us but somehow you manage to stray away into these dark & destructive paths along the way. But you know best for us. I mean.. You do right? Or are you just searching for temporary highs? Are you looking for ways to destroy this beautiful path? Or are you just doing this for attention? Are you really content with these choices you’ve made lately? Are you going to fuck up this scholarship? Why don’t you give up this childish career goal that everyone knows won’t get you anywhere?

Wait.. Why am I asking these questions? You know the answers.. You’ll get too me soon. Try not too stray away so much & so often.

If someone witnesses what’s happening right now they’ll accuse you of being crazy, or worse.. They’ll try to fix you..

I should stop arguing these things at the Reflection in my dirty mirror..

Shit. Did I just have a conversation with who I will beco….