Speed is key?

Move fast and break things?

Slow folks finish last?

Lots of sayings about why speed is important!

You’ll even find some of those sayings applied in sales and marketing circles.

Things like …sales velocity, or the velocity of a campaign.

But one thing that folks forget is that velocity is not just about speed… it is about speed and direction.

Being fast is good.

Being sure you’re in the right direction is better!



A lot of people assume that the first time you hook up with a potential customer, the goal is to get him or her to buy from you.

But this shouldn’t be the case!

Your first goal is to see if they are a good customer for what it is that you do.

If they aren’t a good customer for your product or service, then no need in carrying the conversation further!

Usually it takes multiple touches to close the deal.

Don’t put all the weight of closing the deal on your first interaction.

That’s way too much pressure to put on the first date.

Find out if they are the right customer for you instead and then take things from there.