Carson and Casanova

You gotta love the darling Dr. Carson..I mean he really can’t help himself-being so sweet and cute-makes you want to pinch his cheeks, you know watching him laugh gently on CNN today-when he felt politely compelled to inform us simple folks that chosen one of the GOP is nothing but a “Casanova.” He was really puzzled that the anchor hadn’t heard this yet..

So I went looking and below is what I found courtesy Google and Wikipedia-the question being “who was Casanova?”

Now we can compare and contrast the 18th century Casanova or the original one with the epic 21st century Casanova wannabe-aka Donald Trump.. I am posting bits and pieces of the article from Wikipedia-please read the full one if you feel compelled to do we go

  1. “Giacomo Girolamo Casanova (2 April 1725 — 4 June 1798) was an Italian adventurer and author from the Republic of Venice.[1][2] His autobiography, Histoire de ma vie (Story of My Life), is regarded as one of the most authentic sources of the customs and norms of European social life during the 18th century.[3]”

And DT is American who has the “Art of the Deal” as his claim to fame

2. “He has become so famous for his often complicated and elaborate affairs with women that his name is now synonymous with “womanizer”. “

And is DT a “womanizer?”

3. “For Casanova, as well as his contemporary sybarites of the upper class, love and sex tended to be casual and not endowed with the seriousness characteristic of the Romanticism of the 19th century.[99] Flirtations, bedroom games, and short-term liaisons were common among nobles who married for social connections rather than love.”

And does this apply to DT?

4. “Casanova valued intelligence in a woman: “After all, a beautiful woman without a mind of her own leaves her lover with no resource after he had physically enjoyed her charms.”

And DT? Value?

5. “His attitude towards educated women, however, was typical for his time: “In a woman learning is out of place; it compromises the essential qualities of her sex … no scientific discoveries have been made by women … (which) requires a vigor which the female sex cannot have. But in simple reasoning and in delicacy of feeling we must yield to women.”[31]”

Say what DT?? Dr. Carson?

6. “Casanova also loved very young girls: “In 1755, when he was thirty, Casanova had sex with thirteen-year-old Helene in Paris, but stopped short of intercourse, because he hesitated over the price: “little Helene, whom I enjoyed, while leaving her intact.” In 1765, when he was forty, he purchased a thirteen-year-old girl in St. Petersburg as a sexual slave, and therefore did not need to deny himself any of her favors.”

Oh this Casanova-such a charming man-Dr. Carson, are you sure DT matches up to this?

7. “Although multi-faceted and complex, Casanova’s personality, as he described it, was dominated by his sensual urges: “Cultivating whatever gave pleasure to my senses was always the chief business of my life; I never found any occupation more important. Feeling that I was born for the sex opposite of mine, I have always loved it and done all that I could to make myself loved by it.”

What say you, Dr. Carson-is this enough to qualify wannabe Casanova to be the modern 21 st century Casanova? Seems pretty darn spot on to me..

8. “Casanova’s ideal liaison had elements beyond sex, including complicated plots, heroes and villains, and gallant outcomes.”

Hmmm..what say you to the above DT and Dr. Carson- that’s too many elements for you right? You like villains the best? Sure-that is your final answer and suits you to a T!!

9. “Casanova advises, “There is no honest woman with an uncorrupted heart whom a man is not sure of conquering by dint of gratitude. It is one of the surest and shortest means.”

Say what?? I know this is very confusing to you DT and Dr. Carson..that’s a run on sentence if there ever was one..let’s say this was rigged by HRC and the main stream media..

10. “Mutual consent is important, according to Casanova, but he avoided easy conquests or overly

difficult situations as not suitable for his purposes.”

Say, here maybe a thing or two to learn from the 18th century Casanova- what say you DT and Dr. Carson?

11. “Casanova claims not to be predatory (“my guiding principle has been never to direct my attack against novices or those whose prejudices were likely to prove an obstacle”)

So what are your guiding principles DT and Dr. Carson?

12. “He was, by vocation and avocation, a lawyer, clergyman, military officer, violinist, con man, pimp, gourmand, dancer, businessman, diplomat, spy, politician, medic, mathematician, social philosopher, cabalist, playwright, and writer. He wrote over twenty works, including plays and essays, and many letters. His novel Icosameron is an early work of science fiction.[95]”

So what are you Mr. DT and who are you?

Are you truly our very own 21 st century Casanova? Should we, simple minded folks, be enraptured and enlightened by your divine presence?

Dr. Carson-thank you very much for educating us fools and opening our eyes wide!!! We owe you!!!