My first $50 on Upwork — What I did, why I did it, and what happened after.

The reason I lost appetite to seek for another Job…

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Upwork requires a lot of work, most especially for newbies. Sometimes the platform, as pronounced by so-called “Experts”, is easy and requires submitting enough proposals that deliver a customer’s value and charge a price that the customer will pay.

It is more technical than just the submission of proposals. It reminded me of my first ever Upwork account. This I opened out of ignorance, not that I had the skill to deliver. I was only after the money. Any freelance platform is saturated. We have a lot of scouting freelancers ready to take any offer that pays their values and others who don’t care about if the clients pay right or not. They just want something coming in.

To survive in places like this, an extra advantage is required to ensure you can attract a customer and pitch your worth.

Should I admit luck or assume what I worked? I believe if it did work, I should replicate the result consistently but I haven’t been able to. Maybe there is something I’m yet to find out.

I thought about going through the recommended jobs shown by Upwork a few weeks ago. I scanned and found this job with 3+ proposal submissions already. I thought to submit since it is what I am good at and it isn’t a hard job.

I applied and submitted my proposal, fitting to the exact request from the prospect and the exact fee he will intend to pay. Below is a part of the proposal content pitch…

He did like the response and the portfolio I attached to the proposal. Here was his response…

I guess the number rule is to write a winning proposal that speaks about the intentions of the client.

I had been trying to pitch for jobs before then without a profile. I got this job after updating my profile to include about me and also a few portfolios of the works I did while self-training myself.

The profile sounded more professional, and it highlighted what I offer, how I offer it, and the duration of my response to any job.

Afterward, I got the ebook design for $50 with a 10day work delivery contract. I sent my first draft 2 days after receiving the job and completed the work in 5days.

He wasn’t expecting it. He had thought at most I would finish up before the 9th day is over. He left me a review…

When I withdrew, I realized I had $38 left instead of $50. Upwork removed their commission and payooner also took a portion of the fund. I felt I gained nothing because of the fee deduction which wasn’t so convenient.

Here are a few reasons I got my first gig

  1. A well-tailored Portfolio:

I took my time to build a portfolio. I worked at my rate for customers outside Upwork and also work for some family and friends. I attached my best and sealed my portfolios with a few testimonials I could gather up from those I worked for.

2. A good profile:

I composed a delicate profile stating my abilities and USP (Unique Selling Point). I realized after submitting a proposal, your profile is also sent to the client can see and make a pick from options. I wrote it to be more captivating and good enough for everyone to read.

3. I called a price:

I named a price he will pay, and I got the job. This depends on value, to me after a few days after, I had thought of increasing my pricing next time. I believe getting paid well is an excellent motivation to keep working.

I have the customer make a request again to work with me because I did:

  1. I delivered quality:

Quality is the aim, getting the job done just the way it is needed or better than expected. Aside from how much being paid, delivering quality should be the aim of every freelance writer, designer, or skill we own.

2. I delivered earlier than expected:

I delivered a 10days gig in 5days in which the first draft was sent two days. Timely and quality delivery works best.

3. I reached out after the job was completed.

A one-time sale isn’t enough. I reached out again to him to ask if the previous job was producing the expected result. It was a book to convert sales, and I’m glad he was excited to hear from me again.


I didn’t want a payment that isn’t worth my value or time. To charge more, I worked more on my portfolio, and finally; I have a few more jobs that are doing well.

Now I intend to write unique original content for clients and also take upon myself ebook design projects. I intend to charge enough from henceforth.


Upwork and other freelancing platforms are nice places to find opportunities that allow you to work from home. You will require good, effective content and the ability to charge your worth to enjoy this platform.

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Content Writer | 10X Productivity coach. I'll teach you how to write winning contents that connects you to your Audience.

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Content Writer | 10X Productivity coach. I'll teach you how to write winning contents that connects you to your Audience.