Being Bold Matters: Let’s Co-Create

I had a long conversation with a former colleague last week that made me realize that I wanted to share with my community and network my life’s purpose and be bold about it as I continue to re-invent myself. It was last year at this time that I was invited to join a powerful group of people on a journey to meet with the Achuar people in the Amazon Rainforest and simply learn. It fundamentally changed my life.

First, I never imagined making this journey and here I was in the Rainforest conquering my fears. When the plane took off in Puyo, I saw my old self waving goodbye as I was determined to leave my fear, worries and doubts behind. I knew in my heart that they no longer served me and I had work to do in the world that was bigger than me.

It was in conversations with the leader of the Achuar tribe that I realized how much change needs to take place in our world (and I share this story in my talks). And when I got back home, which was one of the goals of the trip, my Speaker’s Bureau connected me with Jamie Anderson. After a brief Skype, we decided to take a stab at one of my predictions for the future of work and co-author an article. We both resonated with the belief that work-life balance is an antiquated 20th century myth that no longer serves us. And that the 21st century is about LIFEworking, honoring our lives and doing meaningful work that supports our life’s purpose. Jamie was living in Brussels and I was in San Francisco and yet we managed to collaborate and publish our article in the summer edition of the London Business School Review. This collaboration with a brilliant man I met on a 30-minute Skype through my Speaker’s Bureau showed me that anything is possible. And that the future of work is about co-creating through shared purpose. Stay tuned for a new collaboration with another amazing person that will be launched this Fall.

Second, I never imagined in a million years that I would ever write the following words and by being bold and following my heart, I am now sharing them with you. Lying on a banana leaf in the Amazon Rainforest in the darkness of the night, my purpose arrived with clarity. I am an author. speaker. activist for the human spirit.

I am dedicating my life to writing and speaking about what is possible in the 21st century for countries, companies, organizations and people. My goal is to co-create with likeminded souls and move us from antiquated practices that no longer serve us to a world of opportunity and possibility with new ways of living that include working. I am writing a book that outlines 7 practices to consider, which will be the beginning of a longer conversation and transformation for many.

If you are interested in finding more, please reach out, as I am speaking on 21st century leadership, LIFEworking and a host of other topics. I would love to partner with likeminded souls and come in and provide new perspectives (some of which are based on practices from thousands of years ago that come from the Amazon that we have lost touch with) and have conversations about what’s possible. If you know of an event in the world that would welcome 21st thinking, please let me know.

And finally, what I learned from my former colleague is that some people still think I am at Cisco (it’s a big company, I guess), others think I am still an innovator in residence and others want to know what I am up to. So I woke up this morning feeling bold and ready to share that I am here and ready. Let’s co-create!

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Originally published at on July 22, 2015.