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A lot can change when we change the conversation and face our problems. Strategy becomes a tool that helps us unlock so much hidden potential that taps into our imagination. But the key is to birth and bring your ideas to life.

Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything. It is the essence of order, and leads to all that is good, just and beautiful, of which it is the invisible, but nevertheless dazzling, passionate, and eternal form.” ~ Plato

Have you ever been in a situation where you listened to someone speak to a group of people and they tell you they have the answer for everything?

And then, you overhear a conversation they are having in private, and you know your intuition was right, when you experience firsthand that they do not live by the words they shared with a room full of people. You know now, for sure, they have a ways to go to integrate and become whole themselves.

Are the people telling you to buy the latest products and services actually using them themselves? This is one question you can ask yourself.

But the more important questions is, does it really matter?

We all know that the goal of advertising is to get you to buy into someone else’s stuff; to make you feel you need it?

Many businesses spend an exuberant amount of time, money and resources convincing people that they are the best place to work, the best product, the best service or the best experience. The assumption is that each of us desires what is best for ourselves, and their job is to convince us that they are the best. Look around, kids (and most often, their families) get disappointed if they don’t get into the best schools to get the best education and rub shoulders with the best people life has to offer.

Once again, all this type of thinking takes us away and distracts us from who we are and what our mission is in the world. We each have some kind of mission or purpose, and by not tapping into our core to understand and become aware of what we are supposed to do, we get confused by the noise that surrounds us.

And sometimes, the person in the front of the room, who was introduced as the status of success, is empty, and we know it. But we do not question what we are sold as success. And it is our time to ask new and ancient questions to get us out of this mess.

We need structure but we can no longer lead with it — we need to tap into our why and gain clarity. It is actually a lot simpler to do than most fear. But it does take work that makes you whole and ready to do your part on the planet.

Your own definition of success and failure — as an individual and as an organization — matters deeply. To do good work in the world, we need more imagination and creativity. We desperately need whole people who can integrate and build bridges between what they imagine and how you create it in the physical world. And communication is the key to it all. We need less people at the front of the room with the generic answer, and more dialogue that allows us to hear all the vibrant voices in the room.

Imagine, for one minute, that every child on this planet had access to food and clean water. The organizations that were focused on ending childhood hunger achieved their goals, and were now focused on helping children thrive. What if they worked together, as a whole system, and simply focused on the collective health and wellbeing of our kids? What are the opportunities in front of us? They are abundant.

A lot can change when we change the conversation and face our problems with a mindset of opportunity. Strategy then becomes a tool that helps us unlock so much hidden potential that taps into our imagination. But the key is to birth and bring your ideas to life.

We can do it. We can create a healthier and saner world. There is no one else apart from each of us when we remember our bold and beautiful voice and that change comes from within.

Welcome to 2017 where we have 365 days to play, create and connect.

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