Navigating Life (and Work): It’s time for each of us to collaborate with unlikely partners

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Walk the talk of innovation by going to market in new ways. What unlikely partnerships are available to you to bring your ideas to life?

Good collaborations are a unity of opposites, like celery and cheese.

What happens when you realize there are 7.4 billion people on this planet of ours, and that number is growing fast?

We have been taught to seek safety and security, which are noble pursuits of taking care of ourselves and others who depend on us. But in business, we have taken this need to an extreme that often restricts us. On one hand, we believe that we pursue disruptive innovation at all costs for growth, and on the other hand, we want to manage change.

What if instead of managing change, we learned how to integrate change holistically into our business by working with people in grounded ways to help them shift their mindset to the new way of working your organization desires?

I was talking to someone a few months ago who was very frustrated that a team she started working with did not want to change how they went to market. She tried suggesting they go out and talk to people they could collaborate with who were not the usual suspects. But it fell on deaf ears because that’s not how business was done in this organization — today.

I suggested that she bring some unlikely partners to her next meeting — people who have a different perspective who would help them think differently and resonate with the new market they are developing. If her internal team saw her practicing this change, maybe they would see what she was talking about through her very own practice.

At their next meeting, she brought a young man who spent a few hours helping them build their go-to-market strategy. It was the most unlikely partnership that no one had ever considered. As a result, they submitted a proposal together and a new relationship was born, as well as a growth in business opportunity.

When we build trust by walking our talk, new relationships are created in community.

With 7.4 billion people on the planet, there are many innovative unlikely partnerships that can be formed in new ways to co-create something meaningful in the world.

Who are your unlikely partners?

What opportunity can you pursue, together?

Welcome to 2017 where we have 365 days to play, create and connect.

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