Your C-Level Executives Need to Know that Some Social Media Tools on their Own May Be Bad for Business: Why Purpose Matters

Have you ever asked yourself:

Do C-level executives need a business strategy?

If so, the answer tends to be:


Do C-level executives need to use social media tools?

It depends.

In the last 4 weeks there have been a plethora of articles on executive engagement with social media. And the infographics are yelling at us that there is an increase in spending on social media consultants. Social media is not getting more strategic. Enabling your business strategy with social technologies may make your business more strategic.

The bandwagon around social media, with self proclaimed gurus and experts, may have made all of us a bit confused. Maybe that’s why so many people say they are overwhelmed If we did a scan, we’d find that we have never had such a focus around tools. Everyone is yelling about which tool is more important and which one you must be on to “succeed.” The irony is that this is also the first time that organizations are letting their marketing departments take a lead in their business strategy and it’s not working. The only result we are witnessing is confusion and more content being created to tell us about the executive race to social media usage.

I attended a think tank last week on the future of work and what I walked away with is the amount of energy we are investing in not addressing the real burning issues. In business today, we seem to like to talk about Return on Investment (ROI) and use a “band-aid strategy” where we keep trying to plug the bleeding without addressing the real ailment.

What does the C-level need to focus on?

  • Going back to basics and simplifying. It’s time to address the root problems and move away from creating more layers of confusion.
  • Thinking about how you connect with employees, customers and partners. How do you connect with people who care about what you are doing?
  • Stop talking about who owns social media, communities, communication, inclusion and diversity and leadership. Everyone does. Think about workflow instead. How are you enabling your business strategy?
  • As silos break down, which is the natural evolution of organizations, and we get back to focusing on actual work, do you have the people, social technologies and leadership in place to drive your business?
  • Starting to talk about how leaders at all levels of the organization will help you do the impossible.

And just know that you don’t have to embrace social tools but understand how to integrate them …

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