I realized that I’m starting to trust someone again. I became comfortable talking everything to him. Well, I think I found again a new friend in the form of my old friend. Kinda complicated coz we were in a group but I had a best friend so I can’t always talk to him. And then suddenly his there, by my side listening to all my rants. I told myself before that I don’t like to be like him coz he separated his self to us in order to move on. For me, its kinda pathetic but in a long run of our friendship I tried to understand his situation. That it was really painful to stay that we all need to give a little space for ourselves. For us to grow in our own to meet new people and to start a new life. I learned life is really a long journey and exploration. You need to become naked inside out to feel the pain and to experience the pleasure of life. You need to close your eyes to the things that you don’t want to see to the person that you really love, you need to be deaf eventhough everyone was shouting that you are blind, and you need to be strong to defend for trials that you need to face. I realized that those things that hurting us was really a good memories because it lasts even when the person was no longer beside us. Those moments that we shared with them always lingers in our mind to remind us that they became a part of us.