They say I am a DREAMER but I am not the only one.

While reading Autobiography of Edhi shb I realized that he also dreamt big. His dream was to built hospitals, make a factory to train and employ the poor, and build a village for the handicapped. What made difference that he remained focused, he started from very small level. Majority of people dream big but also try to start from big as well. Others just sit and wait for a big opportunity or a sort of miracle to happen that fulfill their dreams.As Edhi shb I also believe that there is no “Royal Road to Success”. The only key to success is Hard Work and Consistency. Edhi Shb started from a scratch and formed world’s biggest Organization despite of the fact that he was discouraged by people. He always have been inspiration for me.

No doubt I have always been a struggler from my birth till now. I am the middle child among my five siblings. All of them are granted with extraordinary intellectual and were outstanding students in their Academics and co-curricular activities. From the day one I was an average student. I admit that I have been a slow learner. My parents accepted it and never expected an outstanding result or performance from me. I wanted to became an M.B.BS doctor although I knew that this dream was quite big for me but I always wanted to give it at least a try. I never thought What I will do if I failed to achieve it. As it is said:

I worked quite hard that I don’t even remember the number of those sleepless nights in which I studied and fell asleep with my face on books. I was the child of credibility that no one expects me to score even A grade and what I dreamt was quite ODD. And finally I got my result and I scored merely 80% marks in my F.Sc. I cried but there was a big smile on my father’s face he said At least you tried and it’s enough for us. he motivated me by saying: Hazrat Ali was Once asked: “How have you recognized your God?” He answered “I recognized God through revoking the determinations and breaking the intentions”.

With heavy heart I started my Graduation, luckily it upgraded from B.s(hons)Nutrition and Dietetics to DND( Doctor of Nutrition and Dietetics) I never realized that Hard Work became my Habit. I got distinctions in 2nd and 3rd year Alhamdulilah. That was indeed a great moment for me and for those who never expected this for me. “I have dream to work on massive level for combating Malnutrition in Pakistan”. I know it is a very big dream for but I hope that I will be able to fulfil it Insha Allah.

Just Start Project GOAL: Switch to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity.

Healthy Diet and Physical Activity go hand in hand with each other. Being a Nutritionist I counsel people to switch to healthy diet.Now I feel it is the need of hour to follow it as unhealthy diet is main cause of many diseases including Hypertension, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases. In last few years I have put on some weight as well so their is no other choice for me.

I realized that I myself is not following it although the reason was hectic routine. The bad habits I have developed due to lack of time are Hurried Eating,consumption and Meal Skipping. In past I also faced relapse multiple times due to loss of interest and the basic reason was lack of time ultimately.

To start it I identified three basic Tasks that will ultimately lead to Goal.

  1. Start eating healthy foods.
  2. Make it possible to have healthy breakfast.
  3. Takeout 10–20 mins for Physical Activity.

I started this on Monday and successfully follow this until today. This time I am highly motivated to achieve my goal without facing relapse. Just hoping for the best. I tried to keep my morale high by watching counselling sessions and I succeed to some extent.

I learnt that the biggest power I have is my Will. No one can change my habits until I want to change them myself. It only takes 40 days for a practice to become a habit. It actually feels that good and refreshing to have a healthy home made food.

My next steps will be following:

1. Switch to Healthy Snacking.

2. Control my portion size.

3. Keep my Morale high.

Hoping for the best.

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