How to Win Friends & Influence People

“There are only two forces that unite men- Fear and interest’’ Napoleon Bonaparte

after reading the book chapter “Do This And You’ll Be Welcome Anywhere” (written by Dale Carnegie) consisting of golden principles, I thought about my experiences.

I asked some questions from my friends, class fellows and others to show my interest in them. All of them respond me politely and quickly. But when I started conversation about myself to show them that “I am an interesting person’’, I lost their interest.

The lesson that I learned from my experiences is that one can only win friends by showing interest in him. Don’t force others to take interest in you. Take care of other’s interest if you want to win friends. If you like to impress others by talking about yourself than you will lose all of them gradually. If you want to win hearts of other people than show your love, your interest for them. Listen to others what they want to say. Give importance to everyone than ultimately people will love you, will give you importance in return.

When I tried to apply this lesson in my real life, I observed that I was becoming a popular loving person among my friend circle, class fellows and others. This increased my believe on this golden principle which is “ Become genuinely interested in other people”. If you want to win real friends than you should show your passion and interest for them.

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