Life is full of journeys and adventures. People who live a life of adventure and journey enjoy a lot and get real purpose of life. Three months earlier I joined a journey and I was not alone in this journey. I was given a adventure and I did that adventure with a group of four members. I also did many new things with group of different people and these activities helped me a lot in improving my learning. The main thing that I learned the most from this fellowship was khudi/self-learning.

“Self-education is open to all but it is taken only by those who refuse to live a small and purposeless life.”

Our group was assigned the topic of “Rights of transgender in Pakistani Society and their Education”. I with my group members decided to accomplish this task from the platform of Amal Academy. Firstly, it was very difficult for me to execute this plan but I gathered up courage and started working on this project. We conducted in person session with a transgender named Saeed Shabnum and we arranged a motivational campaign regarding rights of transgender. Before starting this project we were confused whether to retain or discard this topic as it is very sensitive topic. We decided to keep this topic by believing “Just start let the work will teach you”.

After executing this project I started believing in myself and realized that everything is possible with determination and courage. Although I faced a lot of challenges but these challenges were actually opportunities for me to recognize my potential. It was a great experience for me while working on this project and I learned a lot of lessons.

“Self-education will make you a fortune” 
Jim Rohn

By practising in person assessments, mock interviews and especially online courses I learned a lot and I started believing that I can do everything I want if I will be truly determine to it. I was weak in writing inspirational stories and did not know from where to take initiative but after joining Amal I realized my writing abilities and used them effectively.

“Understanding who you are within comes through self- awareness and self-education” 
Sunday Adelaja

At last I would like to say it is journey which is more important not the destination. We learned a lot during journey. I decided to become a lifelong learner and I will apply this beyond my Amal fellowship by searching about the things and facts that I don’t know.

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