Is E-Reading Really The Right Option For Readers?

With a population of 3.2 billion(and counting) in the virtual world of internet,it is not surprising that e-reading has become today’s norm. Since most of the e-books are free or available at lower cost,e-reading is fast becoming the choice of readers of all ages. The prime factors due to which e-reading enjoys its popularity over hard covers is its mobility and accessibility. Just at the tap of a button,one can download ten books and read another book,all at a time.

Kindle Store of Amazon and i-Books of Apple, two most popular choices for e-readers, provide readers with several benefits and not just books but also newspapers and magazines. In fact, every leading print media today,releases its issue both digitally and as paperbacks, whether its Vogue or Forbes.

Swipe vs Turn

Even after the multitude of benefits of e-reading, one cannot deny the pleasure of reading a book by holding it in hand in real. Nothing beats the joy of the tactile effect of turning the page by hand rather than swiping across the screen for the same.

There are many children pop-up books, which bring words to life, but die once digitized.

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Besides, there are still a number of books which are not put into the digital format, from classics to many books in regional languages.

With pros and cons of e-reading co-existing, the question that arises is —
Is E-Reading Really The Right Option For Readers?
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