Religious Intolerance

Sixty-eight years ago, in a far east land in South Asia, people of diverse cultures, religions and traditions lived harmoniously with each other. They spoke different languages yet none felt alienated. Still, the land could not sustain as one. Today, the land stands as three countries — India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, divided on the basis of religion.

But was it religion that resulted in the division?

No. It was the divide and rule policy of the British, who blinded the people in the name of religion. The separation saw bloody fights, internal displacements and most importantly sparked feelings of hatred, alive even today.

Religion has been a tool for many around the world to fulfill their hunger for money, power, and greed. This hunger has consumed people to such an extent they have put their conscience to slumber. Today, the world is ravaged by wars, terrorism, and civil disturbances — mostly in the name of religion.

Many have formed the so-called “terrorist groups” and even conducted mass murders. While people condemn such murders, they also humiliate the innocent people if they belong to the same religion of the terrorist group.

But, no one questions what compels them to commit such inhumane acts . Are they really evil or are they just the product of the evil society.
Who forms and funds these groups? What is the truth?

As we march ahead towards development in the worldly field, equally, if not more, we are also marching towards the end of humanity.

The Creator never loves to see His creation abused by His another creation.

If every individual harbors the feeling of brotherhood, irrespective of their religion and strives to know the truth, the world will be a better place to live.

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