Random Acts Of Kindness.

When we talk about supporting each other we focus on empathy and understanding. Another tool is most important to make people’s life better and to support each other and that is kindness.

We cannot be kind one day and be unkind the next day. Kindness is something we should practice on a daily basis.The more we practice kindness in our life, the more it becomes part of us. I’ve tried to practice kindness and here are some acts in this regard:

In the ongoing week my friend asked me to provide her some material about a topic so that she can add it to her presentations next day. I helped her as much as I could even from my actually busy routine.

I along with my cousin had to went at another cousin's house. She asked me to picked her up as there was no one available at her home that time. Her house was on some other route but I agreed by the intention of kindness and dropped her too.

I’ve texted one of my teachers from college who is really working hard for her students, some really kind compliments as I’ve a lot of respect for her. Her reply was also very pleasant.

There were some conflicts between me and my friend and we weren't talking to each other for some days. Today I met her at a friends’ house. She didn’t treat me as usual but when I made her realized that I am treating her nicely by forgetting the disagreements or conflicts, her response got even more pleasant.

Kindness in teamwork is really important. We should have this tool within us to work in a team. People never forget what others do for them. And this thing always works for strengthen the bond between group members. Although some people don’t deserve your kindness but giving it freely anyway is worthwhile. We must leave our comfort zone rather than ask our team members to leave their.

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