Practicing Happiness to boost your Success

It is a common thing in our life that we fight with negative thoughts on daily basis like depression thoughts etc. We face these thoughts in every situation. It was tough very for us to avoid these thoughts and i have also faced these situations. But I have learned from my experiences and Ted talk that prove very grateful for me. I thought many negative thoughts but now I accept positivity is a greatest gift and it depend on our self to keep happy. Positivity Boost your Confidence.

The most difficult time of my life when I was interest in Computer Science and I must be choosing a simple subject Education and I was not interested in it and my negative thoughts increase day by day and i felt hopeless. But I must be creating interest in education and prayed Allah that he gave me straight to face these problems and tried to become positive. But with the passage of time i trust on Allah and leave every decision of my life On Allah

I also faced different situation in my daily life when i am in Job. I face negative behaves of my colleagues but after TED TALK I also give Gratitude and they see me surprisingly because before this i feel negative and looking sad.

“Practice Being Happy”

So, I believe that positivity is a key of success. Many of problems we faced in our life but Behind of every failure is success. So Negativity also come in our life but it depend on our self that how we stay on positive Stay positive and boost your Happiness.