While you may have a point on the designers working on the project not knowing what it is like to…
Erik CJ

Erik Chajacobs, did you read the entire piece?

“So can you design for someone you don’t know? You can, you have, you do, and you will. That part of designing will never go away. It is a real privilege we have to be able to help facilitate people’s lives the way we do. But in the immortal words of Uncle Ben, God rest his soul:

With great power, comes great responsibility.

Knowing what we know about how little we know, it is our responsibility to constantly force ourselves to be introspective about the lens with which we observe the world, especially our users. It is our responsibility to approach the problems we have been appointed to solve with the humility they deserve, by acknowledging first and foremost that our perspective is as limited as the experiences we were afforded.”

The entire last section talks about our responsibility as designers to seek out new perspectives and build out diverse teams where we can.

P.S. You can’t be racist against white people. It’s just not possible.