Interested? Ok! Then maybe it’s YES!

In his book Dale Carnegie said that how our way of communication can consolidate our relationships, friendships and professional approaches. The most interesting thing I found out of it is “if you like people, people will like you”. It is simple reciprocal relation that how you act towards others, others will behave the same. Oh! Is it Newton third law “every action has an equal but opposite reaction”. Perhaps not, it is not exactly opposite reaction it is the same reaction you give to others. If I talk about myself it is considered to be part of my personality that I smile unconditionally. Is it funny? No it is my approach to spread love in the world. Famous Roman poet quoted, “we are interested in others when they are interested in us”. It is two ways process, whatever you give to others you have to get in return for sure. Well then Dale said that it’s not the length of time period that can reinforce strong relationship/friendships it is the quality time we give to that relation. We can make friends by just showing interests in their interests. Like what exactly they like, what they dislike, what are their hobbies, what they want to do etc.

Now come to the professional life, have you ever wonder how friendly attitude of sales man persuade you to shop from his shop without any other reason? The reason behind is that professional and skillful salesman knows how to persuade a purchaser by showing interest in his demands. That also gives a takeaway that there must be commensuration between the profession and the skill we have. Further, as Dale explained that how a boss can make his employee happy, satisfied and committed with their jobs just by showing simple gratitude for them for little things. Each human being on this earth demands respect. So when a boss respects their subordinates and cares for their self respect, they become more committed to their jobs. Then they work for their company with commitment and lead to more productivity.

These all interesting points from Dale’s book are relatable in real life. I took the interesting challenge to approach a friend and show interest in her. She was very excited to talk with me after a long time, as she is old college friend and my best friend also. She was asking me again and again that are you ok? You are giving me that much time. Funny it was. But I asked her about her daily routines, her career motives, what challenges she is facing in life? How she is going to pursue her career? Her interests and dislikes. Everything I asked her made her happier. She always demands my time during past few months and tomorrow she was glad that I gave her time. As I was showing interest towards her she decided a meet up plan so that we can discuss her issues further. I liked the way she was happy with this all she also asked about me finally. The lesson I deducted from this challenge is that sometimes people around you demands nothing but your interest in them. Others’ feeling of frustration, loneliness, fear can be transformed into happiness and contentment by being interested towards them.