Sharing the 6 tips with your classmate

Well friend! Being a fresh graduate you must be reaching out for jobs now days. I am really pleased to inform you that you can have a better career start by following the six tips that I am going to share with you:

1. First of all, as you have done masters in psychology. Now instead of starting your career as a practicing psychologist I think you should go for an internship somewhere in hospitals. That internship will help you to get more practical knowledge of psychology.

2. I suggest you to don’t go for MS after that masters instead you can go for the PMDC diploma in psychology that would help you to be more confident in this field.

3. After getting job, try to stick to the first organization for a span of at least one year. Because in the career start we are really figuring out the positives and cons of the job. And we also try to check our adjustment during that time so just try to avail that time properly.

4. Ok! Now you have found that you are passionate to serve humans by getting them healthy minds back. So you should align it with your career. Like you should follow the path of famous therapists.

5. Oh! Now you are asking me, that then why I switched from clinical psychology to industrial psychology. It is about adaptability of our decisions without aptitudes. May be you are so good at empathizing with clients and I am not. So keep your decisions with you for your betterment. Don’t consider the other people’s outcomes of decisions applicability to you as well.

6. Now you have taken a decision, don’t try to put your wrong decisions on others. Whatever decisions you made stand on it and prove that decision true by your passion and hard work.

So, go ahead and get the best out of life.