Create a Pink Aesthetic Filter In Spark AR | Best Steps

Create a Pink Aesthetic Filter

So the first thing we should do is to import all the files that we need. Let’s start firstly we go to our patch editor, and just import face color LUT then we need to extract camera texture and camera texture import to patch editor.

Add a Rectangle

Now add a new rectangle, so let’s create it fill the width and fill height, and add a new material for this rectangle, this material should attempt to flat and extract the texture and connect it with the second add patch.

Add Pink Sparkles

So now you cannot see the sparkles. We don’t have so many sparkles and they are very small size but here’s one issue look if we choose for example 32 maximum size in the Kira Kira patch, so we see many sparkles in the bigger size.



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Ayesha | AR Filters Creator

Ayesha | AR Filters Creator

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