Our lives are getting modern day by day, whether it be rising buildings or increasing technology, our generation dosen’t stop for anyone. We all want everything to be done in a minutes time as it is also the demand. But while meeting that demands and deadlines, the continuous buzzing of phones can be sickening. Imagineyou leave your office at 6 pm, and while you’re on way your office whatsapp group buzzes, that the client has urgently called out for a meeting tomorrow. You reach home and you’re on your phone and get to your room and open up your laptop anf get back to work because the report isn’t complete. You are on it, till your eyes hurt and phone’s battery is critical. But the client demands keeps on updating and you set an alarm for early morning discussion on Skype with your colleagues!

Phew, what a hassled life is that. Butt. there is no running from it. Because of technology you can’t skip a single thing.

This is the 21st century, tech- life. Where internet has made world a global village, it has also made many moments of life troublesome.

Happy techy-life!

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