The Interested Challenge

The challenge was about to show your interest in any person or company so that you may get an idea of how to be prepared for an interview. I have applied for job, I start conversation with a person relevant to that field.

Firstly have a smile on your face, show you interest ,and give importance to them.I started conversation by asking;

How are you?

What are you doing in these days?

What about your activities?

How’s your experience?

What’s your future plan, do you want to continue same job or switch to another?

When we are in communication to any other person, we try to make smile and feel them more comfortable. With passion and interest give your ear to that person. Like you have to show them you are interested in them. And make a conversation two way, not just giving the answers but make some little compliment.

Actually, in this technological era, we forget to give worth to others and try to avoid them. But our family and friends are our real assets. We sacrifice some of our time for them and listen to them.

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