Activity 1: there are two goals that i always wanted to achieve one is efficient command on current affairs of Pakistan and general knowledge and the other goal is to improve my handwriting and vocabulary.

i want these goals because these two skills are most important in getting success in open competitions. the person who have command on general knowledge and vocabulary he is most probable to get the success.

the challenges that i have faced are my lack of interest and lack of knowing that how much these things are important. another challenge was that the foundation or base of my English was not so strong and i realized this at this time.

the first three tasks to achieve these goals are: reading of dawn editorials, reading dawn news paper on daily basis, practice of writing in order to improve my writing skills

to complete these tasks i have downloaded many magazines and dawn editorials and vocabulary files and my experience going amazing.

i learned a lot from these tasks that what is going on in my country now a days and up to date with the current situation of my country.

my next steps are to join the classes to improve my English and to read dawn newspaper with more regularity and to practice writing much more