Cause I care About…..

the cause I care for is…

‘’Educating Pakistan through women Education…..’’

For this cause I, Ali Afraz & Waqar Ch decided to write a petition to spread awareness among the people. so, we started our campaign through petition and its the best way we have Where the voice could raise and could be hear as well. I think social justice is a global issue, In many countries there is huge gender gap. so to reduce gender gap in Pakistan we guys started a campaign.

The Importance of education for women is hardly overstated: women raise children, and educated women raise nations with improved human capital, high economic growth and enhanced productivity.

Dis empowerment of women due to inadequate health,lack of education, and insecure environments compromises the value of their life, and stifles their social and economic development. However It comes as no surprise that Pakistan is listed as on of the countries that have large gender gaps in education, and therefore

It Requires hefty investments in girls education for a Socio- economic uplift.

The females are more than 55 percent of our population and they should be adorned with modern academic disciplines and technologies to fully participate in every profession and in the nation building activities.

It was an incredible experience to write a petition and start a campaign as we got incredible response from different people of all backgrounds.

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