In Person drop

This week I decided to drop my Resume In Person. By knowing the fact that to drop resume is not an easy task. There are lots of challenges and difficulties that perhaps we encountered while In person drop. Might be the that person whom you want to submit your Resume not present or might be he is busy in meeting that time and you supposed to wait for a long time. so it looks extremely hectic job

Its True…

‘’If you want to achieve something you have to pay the price for it. you might need to work extra hard to get that thing’’

so, to drop Resume In person is some what like the same. I went to drop my resume in Xarasoft (pvt) LTD. when I reached there Head office at the entrance location I Found the receptionist being aware that the concerning person was not available in the office. I waited there for so long and thought that he might come in the office. I didn’t even have HR phone number so I Could not make a call to her. I waited there for almost 3 hours but the HR person was not available. So, I came back Disappointed. I didn’t want to leave my resume at reception so decided to go there again the very next day. luckily I found my concerning person there in office.

I asked That Ma’am I need not more than 5 minutes as I am here to submit my resume as I want to make it special.. She allowed and asked me some questions relating to what was written in my resume. we have almost 6–7 minutes conversation.

It was an incredible Experience for me to drop my resume in person. The one thing we can do is to fix an appointment by talking to them on related websites or contact via mail. It will help in saving time and lots of work.

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