Sharing is Caring!

Sharing is an act that equates caring. When we share things to others we showcase a sense of humility and empathy to those who are in need. This is a simple phrase that speaks in volume. It has different levels and Sharing things to someone means understanding the situation of others, and helping them is pleasing to all. When it comes to society, whatever we’ll teach our children, they’ll implement it in their life later on. It is emphasized by Elders, caretakers, parents etc. Whatever we will tell them or practice them they'll copy it and practice it.

Lately, we’re assigned a project in which we have to choose a social cause and work on it. After a lot of brainstorming we concluded our society is suffering from a lot of problems but root cause of every problem is the mindset. As we learn so shall we act. So we decided to go to Schools and target students of grade 5th and 6th because at this stage students are learning and growing. At this stage of life students are so vulnerable as they are creating meanings and verdicts. So we thought to go to them and tell them about this concept of Sharing is caring, Moral values and basic human rights, Humanity, Sharing happiness etc. We will apply linear methodology to get good impact and to achieve our goals.

For doing this we’ll go to a few government schools and organisations and will tell them about our ideas and will ask them to give us a few hours with students so that we can execute this plan. We will coordinate with those schools and take sessions with students.

We’ll prepare animations and charts and give them things that they can share. We will start with ice breakers, a few games and stories about this concept to create a friendly environment and will try to engage them. After that when they will be comfortable we will counsel them by going to their level to make them understand. We have divided our team accordingly as project coordinator and counselor.

Our goal is to polish and re-build moral values in which our main focus is on Sharing is caring. We will tell them about being brave in sharing happiness, Generosity as in donate 1 rupee daily, Caring nature, forgiveness, humility, Joy obedience, respect, responsibility, Sincerity, tolerance, tidiness, trust, patience, positivity and goodness etc.

I hope we will be able to accomplish it. :)

Helping others brings the greatest happiness. ^_^

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