As a transgender individual, what kind of discrimination have you faced?

As part of my work with the transgender community in New York, I wanted to reach out to a larger circle of people and tackle an issue that is extremely important but not as covered by the media: the discrimination and violence faced by those within the transgender community.

I shared a callout titled ‘As a transgender individual, what kind of discrimination have you faced?’ and within two weeks received an overwhelming 79 responses from people from all walks of life who wanted to share their stories and experiences.

Out of the 79 responses, 77 of the respondents said they had faced discrimination and only 2 said they had not.

These were some of the stories shared:

People talked transphobically about me behind my back, especially since I’m one of the very few open trans students on campus. I wouldn’t have known it was going on if friends didn’t alert me later.

I lost my job as teacher after a coworker told all the families at the school that I was trans and therefore a danger to their children.

I have been deliberately mis-gendered, groped, been made fun of, threatened, yelled at, excluded from women’s spaces and denied jobs because I am a trans woman.

33 respondents claimed they had faced violence as a transgender individual. Here are some of the responses:

In the early days of my transition before I worked up the nerve to use the women’s room, I used a men’s room on three occasions. The first two times I was verbally assaulted and the third time I was physically assaulted and dragged by my hair and shirt out of the building. Upon calling the police, I was told it was my own fault because of how I was dressed.

I don’t get out much, and I’m not sure if this counts, but I was forced to go to conversion therapy against my will, and if I didn’t want to go, my parents would threaten me.

I was molested and terrorized by a man for 2 years. He would come late at night and pound on my door . He demanded I let him inside. He told me he would kill me.

In the coming days, I will be posting more stories and responses in order to give a better insight into how life is like for those within the transgender community.

If you want your story to be heard, and want to help others understand the discrimination and violence faced by transgender individuals, please fill out the form.