Good Developer != Good Application

Good developer | Great developer

We all appreciate a good developer. That guy who could play a programming language like an instrument, the guy who understands and can implements almost every famous algorithm or data structure. That same guy can take you to the wonderland of code, but could he amaze you with an idea? is he outstanding? does he thinks outside of the famous box?. Maybe, still it’s rare. Good developers are all over the place, but great developers are actually pretty rare.

A great developer doesn’t just write solid code, but has important traits


He simply cares about the final output, he’s positive and willing to go the distance to make a great product. He will be energetic and will make the whole team feel comfortable and willing to do their best.


A great developer is someone who brings an incremental benefit to the table. He is someone that will constantly makes people around him better. He understands that his teammate cannot do everything himself, and will always be around to help.


A good developer will do what is asked of them, while a great developer will think of the end user. He asks himself this one simple question; How can i make the user fall in love with this app?.


Great developers are usually outstanding self-learners. Every developer will experience a situation where he doesn’t know the answer. A great developer will learn, search, ask, and test until he EUREKA!.


A great developer is humble and will talk to you like he’s your best friend, is always open to new ideas, and can convince you in the simplest of words.


A great developer understands that leadership is not about power, it is about empowerment. It is not about direction, it is about serving.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.


They know what’s important and not important for success, and when a ball is dropped, a great developer will do what they can to pick it up. The phrase “this is not my job” is never, ever said in those situations.


Last but not least, all the qualities listed above are important, but they’re nothing without a solid technical skills in the field, a great developer is also a great programmer and should know the INs and OUTs of some particular technology.


If you actively work on the above skills, you will set yourself apart immediately. However, if you don’t enjoy and love what you’re doing , you will never become a great developer because you won’t have the drive to be better over the long term.

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