How I started my first blog post on Medium

It was pretty easy, as Medium does these three crucial things for a blog platform super easy:

  • Reading

As varied in style and colour blog platforms may be, it was Medium that has struck me right in the heart with its content.

‘Higher Thoughts’ with Mr Jonas Ellison and ‘The Mission’ with Mr Benjamin Hardy are the ones to watch out for, amongst myriad of other experienced writers and bloggers.

  • Reaching your audience

When there is so much content on the Internet, it may be hard to reach the right audience, as tough as it is to create an audience as an independent publisher. Medium allows this elegantly, offering the opportunity to add a post to various categories and contexts so that the post can reach vast medium of readers and at the same time retain its relevancy. Medium pun Intended. As Ev Williams, CEO of Medium, puts it: ‘It is our goal that content reaches its right audience on Medium more quickly and efficiently than it would on isolated islands on the web — no matter who it’s from.’

  • Writing

Once you log in to your Medium account — you press on your little pretty icon in the top right corner and choose “New Story”. Ta-da! You have a possibility to edit your work on a single web page. Please be read to encounter a (+) every time you start a new line, it is a good friend of mine, Medium’s click-and-pop-up menu of editing tools — it allows to add multimedia to your post! However, it does not include addition of bullet points, which can be done instead by simply typing in an asterisk and double space after starting a new line. And if you accidentally close your tab at the time of writing, all your text might as well be recovered right up when you re-open it;) We can work together, Medium.

I would love to hear your feedback, dear one.