Entrepreneurship (addictive signs)

Gambling has negative effects like “behavioral addiction” which can be very damaging,this is relative to entrepreneurs which interprets they tend to be addicted to their business ventures. Addiction is characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite the adverse consequences and a study published in the Journal of Business Venturing reports that they actually might be addicted

Warning signs

We read different books/journals/contents about hustling and making profits but all the same stressing is not healthy.

1.Obsessive thoughts

You find yourself thinking about how to create new ideas,strategies,meet with other people/companies for collaborations ,while you are at a social gathering you are lost in your thoughts while socializing with friends, or you may find yourself struggling to stay on-task during leisure activities because you’re mind drifts back to your business ventures.

2.Level of Tolerance

Drug addicts build tolerance to substances,you have to learn to build a level of tolerance when it comes to taking risks because just like gamblers who keep taking risks and putting down if possible all their life savings.

If you ever find yourself in this box called addiction,do take a step back and work it earlier do not end looking like the picture below ,while your social life is whisks away

Hard works pay but at a point in your business take a break ,relax and oh probably spend a day at the spa……..