Listening to SZA’s album CTRL track 1 supermodel and the first sentence which was about not having control or loosing control made one feel fatal, then the thought came running that i would actually love to take control of every situation, whatever it takes to have that feeling of being at the hems of affairs. We would love that for sure!!!!!


Get up drop that garment of i cannot be in control cause of certain things such as your appearance,financial status,ability,interests,or whatever. Do not let your life slip away due to fear of exploring or experimenting, why let someone else take your spot light , it is about you not any other person. Sometimes to have total control of our lives it is allowed to be selfish, why compromise for a certain person or situation who would not think twice before kicking you aside when it comes to matters of being in control, never consider killing your inner ambition to please people because then you are not taking control, you are hiding.

Take a lead , its not so hard ….. I used to be scared of doing things that made me be in control of everything concerning and around me, not saying you have to be an evil minded Queen mother like Sersei in Game of thrones but then ask yourself do you want to be that person who compromises their whole life, being in control might seem like an illusion but the alternative of it is a darkness of nothingness,no one wants that.In the process of the journey termed taking control learn to say no and when you do make the other party aware that you aren't giving them the opportunity to convince you into doing what they always expect of you but rather no means the end you are not giving in like you always do.

This is very similar to issues of domestic violence, being in an unhealthy relationship ,being the girlfriend or boyfriend that gets cheated on constantly,friends taking advantage of you, family members using you to experiment the things they did not have the ability to do when they were in your position, the boss that uses your abilities to accomplish their success without proper credit , let your heads be above the clouds , do not be in the shadows, be unapologetic for taking a lead or saying no to the things that would serve as an hindrance to your true happiness because in the process of always being cautious of what others would think, you might be a looser forever *wink wink*.

‘say no, not the type that interprets convince me’