What is Kubernetes?

Ferhat Aykan
Nov 30, 2018 · Unlisted

My Kubernetes notes…

Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system for Docker containers.

  • You can run multiple containers on one machine and those machines then make up the cluster.
  • You can run long running services (like web applications) on your Kubernetes cluster.
  • Kubernetes will manage the state of these containers.
  • You can start the container on specific nodes.
  • Kubernetes will restart the container when it gets killed.
  • it can move containers from one node to another node. For instance if you’re going to do maintenance on one node, Kubernetes can take all the containers from one node and move them to the other nodes.
  • Instead of just running a few docker containers on one host manually, Kubernetes is a platform that will manage the containers for you.
  • Kubernetes clusters can start with one node until thousands of nodes.

Kubernetes Advantages?

  • You can run Kubernetes anywhere: On-premise(own datacenter), public on the Google Cloud, on AWS maybe in other clouds or in a hybrid where you can run it public and private.
  • It is highly modular, so you can make changes if necessary.
  • It’s open source. The product is on github, you can easily make changes and they encourage everyone who wants to join the community, you can make changes.
  • Backed by Google, so when they did the original release it was actually written by Google employees and are still supporting it. Google already runs containerized applications for more then 10 years using their own system. It’s called Borg now they incorporated those ideas in Kubernetes that they then released to the community.

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