Boy Wonder!

A young artist JB born in Canada home to extreme freezing cold climates comes to tour a country parched up and scorched up by somewhat heat and humidity. He might not be used to it or may be! I wonder would he be able to sing. Playing sports requires sportsperson to push mind body limits whether climate is freezing or burning is different. But singing without being acclimatized (not one but many sorts) is necesarily too harsh on vocal cords.

Its even harder on the soul of a musician because his heart not being in harmony. How could have JB put an act of harmonising hearts. Surely hot and humidity had played the spoilt sport and made him skip. Of the four seasons of Mumbai Jaipur Agra if he could have chosen winters.

Wish I could have beaten the situation which obviously we are so used to, with caring for natural climate control.

Sincerely Ayk Space

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